Attendance Charts Report

Go to Reporting > Reports > Attendance (tab) > Attendance Charts

What does the report display?

This report allows you to produce charts displaying attendance information. You can choose from the following options:

Bar Charts:

  • Attendance by Year Group
  • Attendance by Year and Form Group
  • Year/Form Group Timeline Weekly
  • Attendance by Form Group
  • Punctuality by Form Group
  • Attendance by Local Authority
  • Attendance by Code
  • School Timeline Weekly
  • Special Groups
  • SEN Breakdown

Line Charts:

  • Student Timeline Weekly
  • Cumulative Student Timeline Weekly


How do I filter this report?

Choose which report you need from the drop down menu.

select attendance report.png

How do I export this data?

Only the information displayed on the screen will be exported. To export this information, click on the export icon at the top right of the page.

You will have the option to print the chart straight from ScholarPack or download the graph in PNG, JPEG, PDF or SVG vector format.

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