Attendance Comparisons Report

Attendance comparisons

Reporting > Reports > Attendance (tab) > Attendance Comparisons

This report provides a list comparing a selected year groups attendance data between 2 date ranges.  The report will show each date range, colour coded and allow comparisons, give the differences in the attendance periods and allow you to show only negative differences.  

  • Clicking on the student's name will take you to their individual profile.  
  • Names which are highlighted in red represent the students who are no longer on roll.  
  • The star on the report identifies a 'favourite' report. Click the star to toggle yes or no.

When you access this report you will have the following filters;

  • Year 
  • Date ranges for 2 periods of interest.

This report will be produced in a tabular format displaying columns relating to the report title.  The data for each time period is coloured coded and a differences column shows in red.

The information displayed can be exported as either a Word, Excel or PDF document.  You can also display the report as either landscape or portrait.



Historic Attendance Comparison


Reporting > Reports > Attendance (tab) > Historic Attendance Comparison

This report will display attendance data over the last three years.

By default the report will show data for the whole school, including those who are under the statutory age. In addition you have the option to view the last 3 years worth of attendance data across the school, broken down into different student groups.



Previous years data will use the same date range you have chosen for this year.

Please Note

The attendance date range cannot be before the current year start and the end date cannot be after the current year end.


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