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Attendance Letters History Report

Go to Reporting > Reports > Attendance (tab) > Attendance Letters History

What does the report display?

Attendance letters can be created in ScholarPack based on specified criteria, for example pupils with above 98% attendance, or pupils with below 90% attendance. Students that have had attendance letters generated can be displayed on this report.

Attendance letters are created in ScholarPack by going to Admin>Students>Attendance Letters

Also see - Creating Attendance Letters in ScholarPack

How do I filter this report?

The filters available when running this report are:

  • Group (this includes year groups, key stages, and all of your dynamic and static groups). 
  • Forms (all form groups).
  • option to include former students (by default the report will only show students who are on roll).
  • option to show only future students (showing all students with a future start date).
  • option to show current students (showing all current students).
  • select your date range to show letters generated within selected dates.
  • Select attendance letter - choose from attendance letters that you have created.

Note: the Group and Form filters may be applied simultaneously.

Click Choose to produce your report based on these filters.

letters report.png

A report is generated showing all of the students meeting the chosen criteria.

attendance letter report.png


 How do I order, remove and filter data?

  • Click the column headers to sort the data by that column (alphabetically, numerically or chronologically, according to the data). If holding Shift you may apply this function to further columns.
  • Click the bin icon (above column header) to delete a column.
  • Use the filter box (blank entry field below column header) to filter the data using specific criteria in that category. Click into a filter box then hover over it with your mouse for a full list of operators that can be used.


How do I export this data?

Exporting your data allows you to print, save, or further edit the information on screen. To do so, click the icon in the top-right corner.

Additional information

  • Clicking on the student's name takes you to their individual student profile
  • Names highlighted in red represent the students who are no longer on roll
  • The star on the report identifies a Favourite report.  Click on the star to add or remove it from the Favourites area of the reports panel.
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