Unauthorised Absences Report

Reporting > Reports > Attendance (tab) > Unauthorised Absences

What does the report display?

This report produces a list of all students with unauthorised Absences recorded in a specified date range.

How do I filter this report?

The filters available when running this report are:

  • option to Include former students (by default the report will only show students who are on roll)
  • option to Show only future students (showing all students with a future start date)
  • option to Show current students (showing all current students)
  • select your date range (only students with an entry date within your chosen date range will be shown)

Click Choose to produce your report based on these filters.


How do I export this data?

Exporting your data allows you to print, save, or further edit the information on screen. To do so, click this icon (in the top-right corner):

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