SEN, IEP or Learning Support Review Dates Report

Go to Reporting > Reports > Support (tab) > Review Dates

What does the report display?

This Report shows a list of students in the school receiving support of any kind (SEN, IEP or Learning Support) with a Review Date recorded on their relevant student profile Support tab entry. It shows the Type of Support in the Review Type column and also gives the Date when a Review of that support is due. The table appears in order of Reviews due, so that the Review due the soonest is at the top of the table. The report shows entries for the current academic year.

review dates.png

Note: this report is not sortable. The rows in each category are ordered by Review Date. Review dates which have passed recently are written in red text. 


How do I export this data?

The information displayed can be exported as either a Word, Excel or PDF document. You can also display the report as either Landscape or Portrait.

Additional information

Clicking on the student name will take you to the student profile. Any students appearing in red will be former students, if you have ticked to include them in the report.

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