SEN Groups Report


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What does the report display?

This Report creates graphical displays of information about the SEN pupils within the school.  It will show the Percentage and Numbers of SEN pupils in each year group, their attendance data and the number by year with one of the primary SEN descriptors.  It will also show their progress toward assessment targets and progress this academic year.  


SEN Count  

This shows the number of SEN students by year group with a specific characteristic (SEN Support, EHCP, Pupil Premium and Summer Born).  


SEN Percentages 

This will show the % students by year with a specific SEN characteristic.

SEN Attendance 

This will show the Attendance percentages for each of three specified groups (SEN, Non SEN, SEN & Pupil Premium combined)

SEN Groups 

This will show the number of students by year group with one of the Primary SEN Need descriptors.

SEN Assessment 

This will show number of students as a percentage on track to make their End of Key Stage target.


It will also show the amount of average progress made by year since the start of the academic year. 


How do I export this data?

Each table can be exported using the icon shown below.


Click on the horizonal lines in order to download the graph to a range of graphical formats 



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