Standards Monitor Count Report

Reporting > Reports > Conduct (tab) > Standards Monitor Count

What does the report display?

The report displays the number of days and occurrences that a student has been watched in each standard you have set up through Admin > Config. All data relating to conduct can be input through the student's profile in the conduct section.


How do I filter this report?

When you access this report you will have to choose a date range, by default your date range will be from the start of term until the present day. You will also have the following filters; year, form, dynamic and static groups and the option to include former students (by default the report will only show students who are on roll). Click Choose to produce your report based on these filters.


How do I export this data?

The information displayed can be exported as either a Word, Excel or PDF document. You can also display the report as either landscape or portrait.

Additional information

Please note: Clicking on a student surname will take you to their profile. The star on the report identifies a favourite report. Click the star to toggle yes or no.

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