Add or Remove Housepoints for students and houses

There are a few ways you can add housepoints.

Please Note

Your school may have opted to give Housepoints a different name, please see: Rename Behaviour Phrases


From a student's profile

Viewing housepoints

Go to Student Profile > Conduct tab > Housepoints.

On initial selection you will see a bar chart showing the number of housepoints awarded each month to the selected student.

If you hover over each month, you will see a total of the housepoints awarded during that month.

Clicking View Table will display a table list of all housepoints added to that student, including when housepoints were awarded, a reason if recorded and the option to Delete.

table of housepoints.png

To return to a graphical view, use the View Graph button.

housepoints graph.png


Adding or removing housepoints

You can add or remove Housepoints to a students profile using the area above the bar chart.

  • You can either type in the number of Housepoints or use the up/down arrows to set the required figure.
  • Use the Add or Remove button to complete the process.

Screenshot 2024-02-19 at 11.33.07.png


Add or remove housepoints in bulk

You can also add Housepoints to a House via Reporting > Reports > Conduct (tab) > Housepoints.

Screenshot 2024-02-19 at 11.34.49.png


Click Add or Remove next to the House you want to amend points for, then enter the number of points and click Submit.

add points to house.png


From the Assessment Markbook

First, go to Admin > Config > Teacher Dashboard. 

You will need to ensure each Conduct required is switched to "On" in order to be visible in the My Subjects area (for assessment classes you are assigned to).

Screenshot 2024-02-19 at 11.36.41.png


Go to My Subjects > Class and a list of students in your chosen class will appear.

Find the appropriate table, then either:

  • click in the box next to an individual student to choose the amount of points to apply to that student
  • type into the 'Give Multiple House Points' box to apply House Points or Merits to the whole class.

Click the Save button to apply these points. Housepoints will appear both in the individual pupil's profiles within the Conduct area and also on the Student Feed and Live Feed.


What's next?

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