Add or Remove Merits

Go to Student Profile > Conduct Tab > Merits


This can record Merits earned by pupils in your school. On initial selection you will see a bar chart showing the number of merits awarded each month to the selected student.  

Please Note

Your school may have opted to give Merits a different name, please see: Rename Behaviour Phrases

If you hover over each month to view the total merits awarded during the month.


View Table 

Clicking View Table will display a table list of all merits added to that student, including a reason if recorded and the option to Delete.

Add / Remove Merits

You can add or remove Merits to a students profile using the area above the bar chart.

You can either type in the number of Merits or use the up/down arrows to set the required figure.

Use the Add or Remove button to complete the process


What's next?

Find out how to report on this here: Merits Report

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