Track Students Emotional Wellbeing

If you subscribe to the Simple Assessment module on ScholarPack, there is a template available for tracking students' Mental Health and Wellbeing

Go to Admin > Config > Simple Assessment Config.

If new specific Checkpoints need to be created for monitoring weekly or monthly, then click on the Checkpoints tab to set these up. You can create as many as you require, can select an initial Baseline, and you can label them as you wish. 

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Go back to the Assessment Configuration page in order to Add Assessment, and select the Mental Health & Wellbeing option.

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Screenshot 2024-03-15 at 16.20.19.png


Here you can configure the tracking, select as many options as you wish to monitor, and adapt the mark scheme and reporting bands if desired. When you have finished, click on Add Assessment. 

Once set up, in My Subjects > Simple Assessment Markbook you can select the Mental Health & Wellbeing assessment


in order to input the student assessment marks. You have a choice of 'fill gaps' (you can edit any of those entries after the bulk fill) or record the value individually.


You will be able to report on these assessments at Reporting > New Reports


You can either select an Attainment Report to purely focus on the Mental Health & Wellbeing elements, or you can choose a Pivot Report to gauge academic performance against emotional wellbeing factors. 




We devised the areas of wellbeing monitoring by considering key themes in various methods for tracking children's' emotional wellbeing. 

  1. Pyramid of Need - a set of tools to help you assess the levels of resilience in disadvantaged pupils across your school. Developed by Boingboing and YoungMinds
  2. The Boxall Profile
  3. Other assessment tools can be found in the Mental Health Toolkit for Schools developed by Public Health England (click here for more information)
  4. Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire  - click here for an example of the scoresheet 

If you are interested in using this method of tracking student Mental Health & Wellbeing, and do not currently have the Simple Assessments module, please CONTACT US.

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