Remove Meals During a School Closure

When adding an extra holiday date or recording a temporary school closure, meals are not automatically removed from ScholarPack. To avoid students being billed for meals they have not received during a school closure, you'll need to remove those meals for the relevant dates.

Short-Term school closure

You may need to do this if your holiday dates change, or there is an unexpected closure, for example a snow day.

Option 1

Go to Admin > Meals > Register Daily Meals

Select the date, and now you can remove any meal that's assigned to a student on that date by clicking the box next to Remove meals from [chosen] codes:

remove meals.jpeg

This will then highlight all students with that attendance code and select them to have their meal removed. 

At the base of the student table it will notify you of the number of meals selected, with a Submit button which will remove the meals and associated costs. 

submit to remove meals.jpeg


Option 2

Go to Admin > Meals > Manage Student Lunches.

Enter the date needed to remove the meals for (you can do this for a future or past date) and press chooseLeave your 'group' and 'form' drop down menus as the default of All to bring up all students.

Scroll to the bottom to the Bulk Actions All students row. Click the red remove button for each meal choice to remove all the assigned meals for that day.

Repeat this for all other needed dates.


Permanent or Long-Term Closure

If your school needs to close on a long-term basis for whatever reason, we would recommend removing the meal patterns via Bulk Student Lunches.

Choose the date you want to remove the patterns from, and the year group. Click Choose.

All students in that year will appear in a table.

Click Check All in the final column to select all students and then choose "Clear All" from the Assign dropdown at the bottom of the screen.

Click Assign.

All the meal patterns for that year group will be removed from the date selected till the end of the academic year.

Repeat this process for all year groups.  If any student is known to be still attending school for any reason, you may choose to not select them from the list if meals will still be available to them.

You can only apply these bulk changes from a future date, so if you're removing the meals after the closure has already begun, you'll need to use the above method via Manage Student Lunchesto remove meals form dates already passed.


The Bulk Student Lunches table displays a student's most common meal choice based on the last 12 months, so data may still populate in this table after removing the meals. To check that the meal patterns have been completely removed, click the student's name in the table.

This will bring up a popup, and the Meal Choices this month table should be blank from the date you cleared the patterns from.

You can also check by heading the Manage Student Lunches,  and checking future meals have been removed.

This article has more information. When your school reopens after the long-term closure, you will need to add the patterns again.

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