How do we book training?

NYES Digital - ScholarPack's accredited training partner

NYES Digital is an accredited ScholarPack support provider who also offer ScholarPack training as a service. They currently support 200 schools on ScholarPack, and have trained them all too, meaning they are well versed on all things ScholarPack.

Any school is able to book online training directly with NYES Digital.

However, for those schools who are supported by a 3rd party support team, please contact your 3rd party support team directly first, as they may be able to provide ScholarPack training to you as part of their services.

How do I book training?

If you would like to book training with NYES Digital, please use the most appropriate link below:

Once you have completed and submitted your training enquiry form, a member of the NYES Digital team will contact your school directly to book in training and discuss your requirements further.

This is a paid for service and all training will be delivered live on Microsoft Teams by NYES Digital.

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