Email Notifications to Staff

Staff can set up an email notification system for when conduct incidents and accidents are recorded on a student profile. 

You will find this area at Admin > Config > Email Notifications.

Here you can set up which members of staff will receive an email notification when a student has had an incident or referral recorded.

  • The incidents are entered on the student profile's Conduct tab.
  • Accidents for students are logged on the Ancillary tab.

To set up who receives the email notification, click in the Users to be Notified cell.

A dropdown appears of all teachers with a primary email address entered on their profile (Personal Details area).

Screenshot 2024-02-20 at 09.50.58.png


Please Note:

Staff members need to have their school email as the primary email address on their staff profile (in the Personal Details field).

  • Select the staff member(s), and change the Send Details column to Yes. Click Save for the area you wish the email notification to apply to.
  • To remove a staff member, click on the x next to their name.


More guidance here:

Staff Member(s) not Receiving Email Notifications regarding Students

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