Can I print or download a PDF of a Help Centre article?

Anyone who uses ScholarPack can access our articles by clicking Help Centre in the top right of their ScholarPack page - why not send them this article to show them how to get started: How to use the ScholarPack Help Centre

We don't usually offer printable documents in PDF or Word format. This is because:

  • it's easier to find what you're looking for - if the content is only in a PDF, you can't find it by searching
  • there's no need for you to check what version of a guide you're using - you can be sure you're using our most up-to-date guidance
  • we can include improved formatting and content, such as expandable sections with additional information and videos
  • no need to print the resources - they're free to access and use by anyone, saving your office team time answering questions

If you need to print an article, first make sure to open all the expandable sections. Then right-click and select Print.



Top Tip: Want to use an article alongside working on the MIS? You can have both the Help Centre and ScholarPack open in different windows.


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