Assign Students to a Form Group

Form groups may also be referred to as registration groups and you can assign students to them or move students into new ones in two ways. 

Year End / September

If you are wanting to assign students to new forms for September, please refer to: Assign New Forms for September

1. Assign Students in Bulk

  • To assign multiple students to a Form in one go, click Admin > Students > Group Updater.

  • Current Year Group - Choose the Year group of the students you want to assign a Form too.

  • Current Form Group - Either leave this on "All Groups" or, if you are moving students from one Form to another, select their current Form group.

  • Student Attribute - Choose "Current Form Group" to generate a list of students and their current Form and then click Choose.

  • The blank drop-down box next to the 'Check All' button is where you choose the new Form group you want to assign the listed students to.
  • Select the students you wish to move to this new form by clicking on the box under the 'Select' column adjacent to their names. 

  • Click "Update Students" at the bottom of this table to save your changes.

  • If some students in the list are moving to a different Form, just change the dropdown at the top next to the 'Check All' button then select the other students. 


2. Assign Individual Student

If you don't have many students to assign or only need to assign one student to a Form, you can go this quickly via their student profile.

  • Open their profile and go to their Extended tab

  • Scroll down to the 'Core Information' section

  • Update the Form field by choosing from the dropdown box - 
  • Scroll up and ensure you click the green Save button.
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